Saturday, October 13, 2007

PayPal Philippines Can Receive Now

Score one point for Philippine information technology!

Months ago, I received information that the Philippines now can participate in PayPal. But during that time, you can only send through PayPal but not receive money.

Today, I checked my e-mail and voila! I found out that Philippine PayPal accounts can now receive payments. This came in last week, and I overlooked it.

Receiving payments through PayPal is great, especially if you're doing business online and want to receive international payments. You have to pay around 250 pesos to receive money. Still, that's worth it if you're receiving 300 dollars, right?

Below is a portion of the email I received. I circled a portion for emphasis:

I haven't verified my account by entering my credit card information yet. I checked out PayPal's security and they seem to be very secure now. Last year, they were hacked, a security issue that may not occur again since they should be more vigilant by now. So far I think PayPal is secure.

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