Monday, March 10, 2008

PayPal Philippines Can Receive Now - Part 3

I found out that you can verify your account in Paypal using not a credit card, but a Union Bank debit card. This is possible through the use of EON, an electronic bank account that you can use anywhere online. You can apply for EON online or through your local Union Bank.

I applied for EON and it's still being processed. It takes about five working days to process.


chocoliya said...

better call the bank before going there's 5 days processing in manila but in provincial areas it's roughly 2 weeks...prepare yourself to long lines because unionbank is the bank of gsis pensioners hehehe

another tip, deposit at least 300 in your debit card before verifying it to paypal because of the service fee (paypal)

ice9web said...

i really don't know about EON ha

me and one office have an EON card just enrolled recently and its already been activated mobile banking also has been registered on the EON site at union Bank and We already emailed for Expanded code for PayPal Verification

I'm copying/paste their reply

Subject Re : PayPal Expanded Code
Date 04/03/2008
We regret to inform you that as of this time we havent received your expuse number from PAYPAL. Once we have that number for your account we will update you. Thank you very much, Ebanking Services --------------------------Reply Separator--------------------------------------May

and when I tried to add credit on my PayPal it gives me and error message saying
your Credit has been denied!

I have 1,000 deposit on my EON account and have done all the instructions...

kunti nalang pasensha ko kay NA!!! blog ko talaga sila..

if I inquire to union bank personally they will tell you straight to your face
"hindi mo bah binasa sa website un instructions?"
i will reply "kasi maliit un letters anyway all i'm asking is what are the process I need to do for that PayPal"
tapos they will reply "kailangan kasi binasa mo un" kaya ako since ang daming tao sa UnionBank umalis nalang ako!

waaaaaaa that is how they serve their customers?

wag nalang

I was planning to close my MetroBank account para lipat ko sana sa union bank, kasi nga may EON and Cyber Account na Link na sa Visa and everything..
nag bago isip ko!

I'm sticking to BPI and MetroBank nalang and planning to get BPI credit card at close ko un EON ko at withdraw ko un pera ko doon.