Monday, April 14, 2008

PayPal Philippines Can Receive Now - Part 4

I finally verified my PayPal account. After I opened an account with Unionbank, I waited some time before I can withdraw money from it. I was able to immediately deposit an amount of PHP 500.00, and some time later change my pin, but I had to wait longer for the withdrawal restriction to be lifted.

When my withdrawal restriction was lifted, I was able to link my PayPal account to my Unionbank debit card. PayPal charged me with 1.95 USD for this. But they promised to return the money once I entered the 4-digit PayPal code.

Before 4-digit code was entered

After 4-digit code was entered

I was also able to create an EON Cyber Account where I can check my account portfolio online. I was disappointed that after I was able to login, the PayPal code wasn't there. I later realized that it would never appear there anyway, since it's a debit card account. Upon a friend's advice, I called Unionbank's toll-free number. I waited for probably about 20 minutes until a customer service representative answered my call. I was able to obtain my 4-digit PayPal code, and today I completely verified my account. PayPal says they will refund my 1.95 USD, but it can take up to 24 hours.

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