Monday, April 21, 2008

PayPal Philippines Can Receive Now - Part 5

Adding a bank account to your Philippine PayPal account will save a lot of money on withdrawals. It will cost 50 pesos for withdrawals less than 7,000 pesos, and nothing for withdrawals over 7,000 pesos. If you withdraw using your credit /debit card, it will cost 5 U.S. dollars (that's about 42 x 5 = 210 pesos).

I wanted to know if my Unionbank EON could be used as a bank account to withdraw funds. So I called the toll-free number, and I found out that it is also a savings account. The account number provided which is different from the debit card number is the number you need to use to register EON as a bank account. You'll see it placed below your name on the card. And make sure you have the Unionbank bank code as well. It's 010419995.

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