Monday, May 05, 2008

Zend PHP 5 Exam Preparation

For a few months now, I've been preparing and studying to take the Zend PHP 5 Certification exam. That's the official PHP test. I even bought my personal copy the Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide. My copy is at home, while I also have the PDF on my laptop and another hard copy at the office that were bought by my boss as the company's copies. These you can get online from Zend as well as from Amazon and php|architect.

I've read through the study guide twice, discovered a lot of errors, even with the errata, and tried to remember all that I have read. I even tried out most of the codes in the book. Last I checked, they recently released a second edition.

Finally, I bought practice tests from php|architect. Some I sold to my friends, but some I reserved for me. The practice tests are simulated by Vulcan, and below you will see what Vulcan looks like. This is the page that displays before you start the practice test:

I was able to answer the practice test before the time ran out. I made a lot of errors but managed to pass. This is a joy for me since the practice test is actually more difficult than the actual test. Still, I've discovered the areas I need to review on and perhaps do some practice coding on. Below are the results of my practice test:

90 minutes, 70 questions. Just like the real test. ARE YOU REAADDY?


ice9web said...

wow! excellent ka sa arrays and string manipulation!

galing ^_^ mahirap arrays eh ^_^ nakaka-Arrraaayyy sa utak

in Database gusto mo ng tulong?

(ahihihi joke lang po)

RJ is my trainor in PHP and I can say he really deserve to pass

RadX said...

The database part is PDO, something that can access any kind of database. MySQL access is simpler than this.