Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Zend PHP 5 Exam Preparation - Part 2

At this time, it's three days before my actual exam.

A friend bought me a voucher for the Zend PHP 5 Certification exam, and I received it through email from zend.com. I also was able to book my exam online at Vue, and confirmed it by phone that the test center has received my booking. My test center is MISNet Inc. in Makati, Philippines. They require you to have two valid IDs with signatures when you walk in, along with the voucher. But I had to verify if I can use my passport since the new passports only have an electronic ID system and no longer store the handwritten signatures of the passport owners. MISNet said it was okay. So I'll be bringing my company ID and my passport to the test center.

I also bought Cebu Pacific round-trip plane tickets online, so my flight is booked and confirmed for June 5. Another friend is gonna help me get to the test center -- I've never been to it, and I don't live in Makati.

I took another practice test online using the Vulcan simulator. This time, there were differences to my last practice test results:

I have less excellent scores now. In Arrays as well as PHP 4/5 Differences, I failed this time where I was once excellent. But I also have less failing marks this time. I passed Database Access and XML & Web Services this time around, where I failed the last time.

I studied in the areas I was weak in, and by God's grace I know I'm ready to take the test.

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