Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I have been referred by an acquaintance to try out TopTal. Having been trying to get back to a full-time iOS role for the last three years, the hill is getting steeper to climb as the months roll on. I typically get caught in recruiters' formulas about "years of commercial experience", as well as the silent war that wages between front end Javascript vs. native mobile.

Since no one is giving me a chance to get more experience through iOS employment, it looks like I just have to make my own experience. After publishing my app Money Monthly in the Apple App Store, and working on an app for a non-profit, and tinkering with other iOS-related stuff after hours, I'm knocking on TopTal's door to get my foot in as a FREELANCE iOS DEVELOPER.

Godwilling this door opens, and I'm hoping for the best. This includes my interest in joining the toptal Mobile app freelancers group

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